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I am Jai Louise Westgard. 

May you find what you are seeking...

All hearts yearn for love.  It is just their way.  All hearts yearn to be wide open and free.   Some yearn in secret, others yearn loud and clear.   It is this consciousness, this knowing--this yearning-- that we can follow as it is always guiding us toward more love! 

We have shut down this wisdom in our culture.  There is little room for the sacred ceremony of honoring the love language of the heart.  We have forgotten how to access our inner harmony between our linear left brain and the emotional symbols of the right brain.  We have forgotten how to be here now!  Therefore, we are left dis-eased and disconnected from ourselves, each other and our Source. 

My passion is to awaken myself and help my family and community awaken as well. Re-birthing ourselves together into ascended beings who are able to rise above the drama and see life from a higher perspective.  I call this STAR  WORK.  To see life from high above in the galaxies yet still stay grounded in the here and now. 

This journey will not always be a smooth ride, mind you in fact it will sometimes be down right arduous.  However, it is ALWAYS worth the trip.  Every time we honor our innate truth we have nothing to loose but fear and every possibility to gain.

I invite you to take the symbolic journey your ascended self has to offer.  To listen to your inner healer...allowing it to be your guiding star here on this beautiful stone, Mother Earth. You can heal yourself and offer that vibration to the rest of the world! 

"Conscious Evolution takes place when we intend to grow in consciousness and use our increasing awareness to guide our actions and achieve a positive future."
Barbara Marx Hubbard